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    Graduiertenkolleg 1221

    Invited Speakers

    Mireille Blanchard-Desce

    (Rennes, F)

    "From molecular to supramolecular engineering for two-photon absorption and related applications"

    John Briggs

    (Freiburg, D)

    "Spectral and Energy-transfer Properties of Dye Aggregates"

    Jérôme Cornil

    (Mons-Hainaut, B)

    "Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Molecular Insight"

    Steve Forrest

    (U. Michigan, USA)

    "Nanostructured Organic Thin Films"

    Johan Hofkens

    (Leuven, B)

    "Unravelling energy transfer pathways in conjugated polymers by defocused wide-field microscopy"

    René Janssen

    (Eindhoven, NL)

    "Polymer solar cells: charge transfer states and efficiency"

    Jasper Knoester

    (Groningen, NL)

    "Optics of molecular aggregates: a wonderful playground for Frenkel excitons"

    Christel Marian

    (Düsseldorf, D)

    "Multi-Reference configuration interaction calculation of electronic excitation in extended pi-systems"

    Franco Scandola

    (Ferarra, I)

    "Energy and Electron Transfer Pathways in Metal-mediated Multichromophoric Assemblies"

    Gregory D. Scholes

    (Toronto, CAN)

    "Excitons and energy transfer in nanoscale systems"

    Laurens D.A. Siebbeles

    (Delft, NL)

    "Exciton and charge dynamics in pi-conjugated materials"

    Villy Sundström

    (Lund, S)

    "Nanostructured materials for solar energy conversion – the primary steps for light to charge"

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